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The Corporate Sector was first formed in 490 BBY, in order to resolve differences between Galactic Republic lawmakers and the heads of many of the Galaxy's largest corporations. The Corporate Sector originally consisted of a few hundred star systems, all of which were devoid of intelligent life. The corporations allowed to operate in the sector could purchase entire regions of space, however they were meant to be supervised by the Galactic Republic. During the Clone Wars most of the Corporate Sector supported the Confederacy of Independent Systems; after the conflict's resolution the CSA took possession of many of the remaining droids belonging to the Confederacy following the Battle of Murkhana. In the years after the war's end much of the surviving Corporate Alliance's assets relocated to the Corporate Sector.
During Emperor Palpatine's reign over the galaxy, however, several of his influential corporate allies convinced him to expand the Corporate Sector to nearly 30,000 star systems. Many of the Corporate Sector's companies also developed technologies for use by the Empire. Eleven sentient species were discovered in this expansion region, though the Corporate Sector was careful to cover this fact up. The Corporate Sector also came into conflict with the felinoid Trianii species. An armistice was eventually signed between the Corporate Sector and the Trianii three years after the start of the conflict.
The Corporate Sector Authority was soon established to administrate the newly-expanded sector. Following the Battle of Hoth a contributing company, Galactic Electronics, developed a new magnetic pulse warhead and sold it to the Rebel Alliance. In retaliation the Imperial Star Destroyer Glory invaded the sector and seized the corporation's deep-space research facility.
In the wake of the Battle of Endor and the Emperor's death the Corporate Sector tried to remain neutral and sold products to both the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant. The New Republic, however, was too burdened with establishing a new government to sign a long-lasting partnership with the corporate-minded fiefdom—especially since some in the New Republic considered the CSA to be just as bad as the Empire.

Government and politics

The government of the Corporate Sector Authority was made up of several powerful corporations. These companies were managed by a Direx Board, which was made up of 55 members, all of whom were high ranking business executives. The Direx Board was led by the ExO, or Executive Officer, and other posts included Prex (President), Viceprex, Auditor-General and the Imperial Advisor that represented the interests of the Galactic Empire. The monetary authority of the Corporate Sector was the Authority Currency Exchange. Etti IV was the administrative center for the sector as well as a major trading crossroads.


List of products produced in Corporate Sector are:
CD-2 Harvester
Etti light cruiser
Etti-class Light Transport
GX12 Hovervan
Inferno firefighting robo and host carrier
IRD Fighter
IRD-A Fighter
IRD-B Fighter
Ld-12 laser defense satellite platform
Md-12 Missile Defence Satellite Platform
Res-a technology center
TIS Zeta 19 interceptor
X10 Patrol Groundcruiser
SX20 Patrol Airskimmer


The Corporate Sector Authority had much less racial discrimination than the Humanocentric Galactic Empire. The prevailing culture of the Corporate Sector tended to value a being's financial status much more so than his, her, or its species of origin.
On the other hand, The Corporate Sector Authority historically violated the rights of sentient beings. The CSA possessed exclusive rights to use the sector's resources as it saw fit; the corporations within the region would typically strip a planet bare, often using slave labor or destroying the world's natural environment in the process. The majority of the Authority's residents consisted of the working class; citizenship, which granted limited "shareholder" rights, was purchased, putting it out of the reach of most laborers. Labor relationships were extremely poor and most people lived in impoverished conditions; one of the most severe crimes in the Corporate Sector was to form, or even attempt to organize, a labor union.


Espos terrorizing citizensThe Security Division of the Corporate Sector Authority was responsible for law enforcement and the defense of the CSA's territories. The police of the CSA, known as Espos, had a reputation for brutality. Many of those convicted of major crimes within the Sector were sentenced to terms at a notorious prison called Stars' End.
The Security Division also maintained a fleet of relatively outdated vessels to patrol their territory. Most of the fleet consisted of first-generation Victory-I-class Star Destroyers, Invincible-class Dreadnaughts, secondhand Recusant-class light destroyers[1] and Marauder-class corvettes. The Authority IRD was one of the numerous types of starfighters used by the Security Division, as was the former CIS Mankvim-814 light interceptor. The CSA began purchasing large amounts of Dreadnaught-class heavy cruisers as soon as they were developed. At some point prior to the Battle of Yavin, the CSA military sold a number of its older Marauder cruisers to the fledgling Rebel Alliance.


The Corporate Sector itself encompassed the area of the Aparo and Wyl Sectors in the northeast quadrant of the Outer Rim. The region was chosen for widespread economic development by the Galactic Republic for its lack of native sentient life, a notion that would later prove to be untrue.
The worlds of the Corporate Sector included Ammuud, Bonadan, Roonadan, Bretta, Duroon, Etti IV, Kalla IV, Kail, Kir, Orron III, Knolstee, Mayro, Mytus VII, Gaurick, Rampa II, New Ralltiir, R'alla, Reltooine, Saffalore, Ulicia, Abo Dreth, Craci, Drog II, Erysthes, Kuminphal, Mall'ordian, Ession, Matra VI, Oslumpex V, Brosi, Colsa, Mos, Thosa, Tol, and the Trianii colonies of Trian, Fibuli, Ekibo, Pypin and Brochiib. The Corporate Sector Authority was known to ravage entire ecosystems in their hunt for profits.

Systems in the Corporate Sector Authority
Abo Dreth system
Bonadan system
Craci system
Dostra system
Drog system
Erysthes system
Etti system
Eva-T system
Kalla system
Kumasi system
Lucaya system
Matra system
Mytus system
Orron system
Oslumpex system
Rampa system
Saffalore system

Behind the scenes

The Corporate Sector Authority can be seen as the Galaxy's equivalent of a plutocratic dictatorship, where corporations and their executives hold the reins of power. As a result all government policies are designed to maximize the profit margins of member companies at the expense of just about everything else, including sentients' rights and environmental impact.
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